Osage Orange Square Board
Osage Orange Square Board

Osage Orange Square Board

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Osage Orange Wood Board

Hand-crafted Wood Board
Materials: Osage Orange
Measurements: 7.5"L x 7.5"W x .75"D

You will love serving your gourmet goodies on this beautiful board. This amazing piece was fashioned from repurposed osage orange. Osage Orange is a very strong, durable wood that will stand up to hundreds of family dinners. Your guests will "ooh and aah" at your table when you serve with it because of its incredible natural shine. It has a natural high gloss finish. Plus it makes a wonderful piece of decor in your home or lovely wedding gift.

Most all of my wood pieces come from trees that have naturally fallen or need to be trimmed or cut down. Whether I am cleaning up my own property or helping a friend, family, neighbor or acquaintance clean up their property, I keep my eye out for pieces of wood that have exquisite wood grain and that have character. I enjoy magnifying the natural beauty of the wood. While designing each piece, I like to follow the natural flow of the wood grain. I delight in working with wood and I think we should all have a touch of nature close by reminding us that we are all created with natural beauty.